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Why we believe Female Drivers are Important

Stansted Airport Taxis – Why We Believe Female Drivers are Important


Having been in the Taxi and Chauffeur industry for many years we have built long and trusting working relationships with our clients. Stansted Taxis are a very family-orientated Chauffeur Company and we regularly do journeys for our clients’ children. We all have DBS checks and can safely look after your precious little ones and chaperone them.


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After speaking with our clients some asked if we had female drivers as, for their own reasons, they would feel more comfortable with a female rather than a male. We understand that some of our lady travellers and older patrons do prefer the female driver. This is when I (Beth) decided to get out of my office seat and become one of the drivers, myself.


I soon realized how much of a male orientated industry taxi driving is and how I believed this should change. I spent my days traveling mainly between Stansted Airport and Heathrow Airport meeting new friendly people and thinking about who would want female drivers. One of the reasons was to dispove the old jokes about about “female drivers” – ‘Oh they can’t park’ and ‘They can’t drive properly,’ and so on!


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After a while I started to get some really positive feedback from clients who said that they really enjoyed the extra care and empathy of a female driver, especially with their families, sensitive trips to the hospital and the like. I began a search for more like-minded ladies to join the Stansted Airport Taxis team to accommodate this ever-growing request. They needed to be good, confident and careful drivers, be able to park well (heehee), be caring and have the same core values as our wonderful male drivers and myself.


We currently have four female drivers at Stansted Airport Taxis and are always on the look out for any new ladies who want to start their career in the taxi/chauffeur industry. If you think you have what it takes call us today on


T – 0044 (0)1279213708

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