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Airport ‘Meet and Greet’ – Go on, Treat Yourselves!

Airport ‘Meet and Greet’ – Go on, Treat Yourselves!

Airports can be funny places can’t they? When you’re off on your holiday it can be exciting, even with a couple of children in tow! The stress of going through check-in and passport control (and then having a couple of hours to kill at the Gate) is replaced by excitement and optimism, knowing you’ll soon be by the pool sipping Margueritas.









Of course the reverse in true on the way back. The flight always seems to be at the worst possible time and after you’ve landed at Stansted Airport at 03:00 in the morning you then spend two hours at Passport Control! Followed by trying to locate your luggage while the little ones whine at you.

And THEN you’ve got to get home. Options?

  • Find a trolley or two (good luck!). Get on a bus to the Long Stay car park with 60 other disgruntled passengers and try to find the car that has cost you £60 to stow there for a fortnight.
  • Queue at the rank with the rest of your flight for the best part of an hour waiting for a mono-syllabic driver to ferry you home with all the graces of a hung-over warthog…..Or,
  • Contact Stansted Airport Taxis in advance!

Not only will you save money (and potentially your marriage!) and save yourself a lot of stress. What could be better than coming into the Arrivals Hall and seeing one of our friendly staff holding up a board with your name on it? Then helping you with your bags to one of our luxurious cars (car seats provided) and taking you home in comfort? Our drivers pride themselves on always being courteous and well groomed plus we have female staff too if you don’t want to be picked up by a male driver.







And if you have been travelling on business why not choose a ‘meet and greet’ service after your flight and be taken to your destination in air-conditioned comfort? And what better way to impress clients than to have them met by a smart and well-spoken chauffeur upon their arrival?




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